Hall Application Information for Residential Year 2021-22 (New Local UG Students)

Hall Application Period:
12 - 15 August 2021 (for New Local applicants [JUPAS & Direct Entry])



Important Notes on Hall Measures in Residential Year 2021-22 (last update: 16 March 2021)

In view of the current pandemic situation, the following arrangements will be applied to Residential Year 2021-22 in consideration of the current health and safety measures in 2020-21 and the relevant pandemic circumstances. Hall applicants should take note of these measures adopted for Residential Year 2021-22 before submitting an application.

  1. UG Hall IX will continue to be reserved for emergent use until further notice; 
  2. Double occupancy will continue to be adopted in all halls available;
  3. Both Hall Transfer and Room Swapping will be suspended;
  4. Guest Pass will be suspended; 
  5. According to the UG Hall Admission Policy, Yr-1 local students are provided with at least one semester of University housing either in the Fall or Spring Term of their first year of study at HKUST. The offer of 1-Term residence to New Local UG Students WILL NOT be carried forward to the following year(s).  Similarly, residence offered but not claimed by students during the Residential Year will also not be carried forward to the following year(s).

Hall Allocation for new local UGs

Local undergraduates are provided with at least one term of University housing in their first year of study at HKUST in either Fall or Spring Term as long as they submit their applications AND complete all required procedures by the deadlines which will be announced at later stage. Only a certain number of quota shall be allocated for applicants with the highest one-way traveling time (TT) from home to HKUST of full year hall residence. Such highest one-way traveling time (TT) varies every year, as the cut-off line of TT would be determined according to number of available hall places and information provided by all applicants. Applicants whose TTs are above the cut-off line (i.e. higher traveling time) would be offered a full-year hall offer.
On the other hand, local undergraduates who (i) do not have a home base in Hong Kong or (ii) have to travel more than 2 hours from home to HKUST will be provided with University housing in their first 2 years of study in HKUST provided that they submit hall application and complete all required procedures. Note that there are NO guaranteed residence after the second year and these local undergraduates will be considered under the normal hall allocation mechanism (i.e. being admitted through the weighted lot drawing system or as an active member of a group). 

Residential Periods

One-term hall offer (i.e. either Fall Term 2021 or Spring Term 2022) is to be offered to successful applicants of new local undergraduates. Only applicants who do not have a home base in Hong Kong or have highest one-way traveling time from home to HKUST (under the determination methods in the UG Hall Allocation Policy) will be offered with full residential year hall offers.
Successful applicants who receive a full residential year hall offer but wish to take up only 1-term hall residence must write to ughousing@ust.hk to request for such adjustment ONLY AFTER accepting the hall offer.

Residential Terms Periods (both nights inclusive)
Full Residential Year 2021-22 28 August 2021 - 3 June 2022
Fall Term 2021 28 August 2021 - 11 January 2022
Spring Term 2022 24 January 2022 - 3 June 2022


Students are required to arrange other sources of accommodation on their own before and after the offered hall residence. Requests for early check-in or late check-out will NOT be entertained.

Important Dates
Procedure Dates
Online Hall Application*

12 August 2021 - 15 August 2021

Release of Hall Application Results Late August 2021
Online Acceptance of Hall Offer Late August 2021
Submission of Required Proof # To be confirmed
Payment of Hall Charges  Early September 2021
Check-in Date

Fall Term: 10am, 28 August 2021

Spring Term: 10am, 24 January 2022

Check-out Date

Fall Term: 12nn, 12 January 2022

Spring Term: 12nn, 4 June 2022

* Application Period

8:00a.m., 15 August 2021 - 11:59pm, 15 August 2021 (HK Time) 
No changes made to the submitted information will be considered after the application period.


# Upon request of SHRLO, successful applicants may be required to submit proof for verification of the reported information in their application within two calendar days. 

Application Method & Acceptance of Hall Offer

Click here to submit application for Regular Residential Year > https://www.ab.ust.hk/applyhall
Students who fail to submit the hall application within the specified application period will NOT be considered for student accommodation for the entire Residential Year 2021-22.
Successful hall applicants will receive a system-generated hall offer acceptance notification email one day after the Hall Offer Letters are sent. They are required to follow instructions to confirm their acceptance of offer online within 3 calendars days. Failure to complete the online acceptance by the deadline will result in cancellation of hall offer without further notification.

Announcement of Hall Application Results

Hall Application Results will be announced in late August 2021 via applicants' HKUST ITSC email addresses (or their personal email accounts as indicated in their hall applications only when their HKUST ITSC email is not available yet).
It is the responsibility of the applicants to check with the Student Housing and Residential Life Office either in person or by writing to  ughousing@ust.hk if they do not receive any notifications by 28 August 2021.

Verification of Reported Home Address

According to the UG Hall Allocation Policy, hall places allocated to successful applicants are based on their one-way traveling time or no-home-base status. As such, some students are required to submit documentary proof(s) to substantiate their claim on home address.
Applicants who are required to submit documentary proof(s) will be informed of the arrangements and requirements in their hall offer letters. Failure to submit required proof before the deadline will result in cancellation of hall offer without prior notification.
Applicants are reminded that provision of false / inaccurate information may lead to disqualification and cancellation of the hall applications and associated offers (including subsequent hall applications).  

Local Applicants with a Home Address in Hong Kong

Applicants under this category may be requested to submit relevant proofs to substantiate the claimed home address of the applicant and his/her parents. Some examples of the documents required are:

  • Rate Receipts
  • Tenancy Agreement of Public Housing
  • Stamped Tenancy Agreement for Rented Apartment
  • Utility Bills
  • Proof of Relationship between student and his/her parent (e.g. birth certificate)

Local Applicants who Claim to have a Home Address Outside Hong Kong

Applicants under this category may be requested to submit relevant address proofs to substantiate the claimed home address. Examples of the required documents are:

  • Proof of home address outside of Hong Kong of both parents (e.g. utility bills, bank statements, etc.)
  • Proof of both parents' work outside of Hong Kong
  • Student's education history
  • Proof of Relationship between student and his/her parent (e.g. birth certificate)

List of standard documents required for submission will be detailed in the hall offer letters to successful applicants. Applicants should note that any submitted documents may be further reviewed by the UG Hall Selection Committee. Applicants may be asked to submit supplementary documents by a stipulated deadline. Applications will be rejected if applicants fail to provide proofs as required. 


Applicants should contact the Officers of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office in case of doubts.

Hall Charges & Payment

The hall charges for the Residential Year 2021-22 for New Local UG students will be available soon. The table below lists the hall charges for Residential Year 2020-21 for reference. Applicants should expect an approximately 5% increase on hall fees in 2021-22.

Room Type Available In Charge (HK$)
Double Room UG Halls I, II, III, IV, VI 15,290
UG Halls VII, VIII, IX 18,970
Triple Room UG Halls II, III, IV, VI 11,490
Bunk Bed Room UG Hall V 12,730



  1. Hall charges listed exclude air-conditioning and laundry charges; the charges listed covers the period from 28 August 2021 to 3 June 2022. Room type(s) available depends on the hall allocated to successful applicants under the mechanism in the hall policy; there are no room type selection / preferences in the hall application.
  2. Charge for full residential year will be billed in 2 installments; charge for each term / installment are calculated on pro-rata basis. 
  3. Hall charges are on Term basis and must be paid in FULL. Any hall fee paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. Students with financial difficulty may apply for payment deferment to the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.
Hall & Room Allocation

Hall Allocation

Applicants may indicate a maximum of 3 hall preferences in the housing application. Applicants may refer to the policy or the illustration below on the hall allocation mechanism. Please go to Q2 of the FAQ section to find out more information about the handling of hall preferences in Residential Year 2021-22.


Please note that Therapy Dog trainees are currently residing in UG Hall VII and UG Hall IX. Applicants should take note of this when indicating their hall preferences. (NOTE: UG Hall IX will be reserved for emergent use in Fall 2021 until further notice)




Room Allocation

Details of room and room type will be sent to successful applicants in August 2021 after they have accepted the hall offer.

Off-campus Accommodation Options

If students wish to consider self-arranged off-campus accommodation near HKUST campus, they should expect to pay HK$6,000 to $7,000 per month. They may approach the Off-Campus Housing Section of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office at offcamphouse@ust.hk for assistance in sourcing for off-campus accommodation in the private market. If students wish to explore more about renting a place outside the campus, click here for our tips on rental.
Information on off-campus accommodation is also available online.