Hall Application Information for Residential Year 2020/21 (Exchange-in UG Students)

HKUST provides student accommodation for UG exchange-in students during their exchange period in our Undergraduate Halls I to IX and the Jockey Club Hall. For the location of each student halls, please refer to the university campus map (online PDF).
Students are advised to go through the following detailed information and make yourself clear on the arrangements of the hall application before submitting an application.

Residential Periods

The residential period of an exchange-in student depends on their exchange period.

Exchange Period Residential Period (both nights inclusive)
Full Academic Year 2020/21 Full Residential Year 2020/21
(27 August 2020 to 3 June 2021)
Fall Term 2020 Fall Term 2020
(27 August 2020 to 3 January 2021)
Spring Term 2021 Spring Term 2021
(28 January 2021 to 3 June 2021)


Exchange-in students who intend to apply for University arranged student accommodation should take the residential period into account when planning their flights to and from Hong Kong or arrange other sources of accommodation on their own if they are going to stay in Hong Kong before or after their valid residential period. Requests for early check-in or late check-out will not be entertained.
All exchange students are required to check out and vacate their room before 12noon, 4 January 2021 (for those with Fall Term 2020 hall offer) / 12noon, 4 June 2021 (for those with Full Residential Year 2020/21 or Spring Term 2021 hall offer) unless with the certification of the School of study at HKUST that the applicant’s exchange program will be extended.

Important Dates

For Exchange-In Students Admitting to HKUST in Fall 2020

Procedure Dates
Apply for Hall Residence At the time of exchange application
Release of Hall Allocation Results Mid-August 2020
Earliest Check-in 10am, 27 August 2020


For Exchange-In Students Admitting to HKUST in Spring 2021

Procedure Dates
Apply for Hall Residence At the time of exchange application
Release of Hall Allocation Results No later than 22 January 2021
Earliest Check-in 10am, 28 January 2021


Exchange-in students will receive the hall application information together with their HKUST exchange offer. Any questions regarding the use of the HKUST MyStudyAbroad system and the online registration shall be directed to the Office of Global Learning (OGL).

Application Means

Students are required to complete the University housing application form at the time of submitting the exchange application via HKUST MyStudyAbroad system. The information collected will then be forwarded to the Student Housing and Residential Life Office for processing.
Those who were interested in residing in the Jockey Club Hall (located off-campus near Tseung Kwan O MTR station) should indicate their preference in the application form.
Those who fail to complete the application form in the system by the deadline may not be considered for student accommodation during their exchange period. Any special requests for late hall application will only be considered on case-by-case basis.

Hall, Room & Roommate Allocation

Incoming UG exchange students admitting to HKUST in 2020/21 will be housed in any of our UG Halls (i.e. UG Halls I to IX & the Jockey Club Hall).
Successful applicants will share a room with either another exchange, local or international student in a double room in any UG Halls including Jockey Club Hall.
There will NOT be any preferences or selection of hall, room type, room and roommate assignments except for the option in declaring interest for on-campus UG Halls or the Jockey Club Hall in Tseung Kwan O (declaring such interest does not entitle to any guaranteed arrangement).

Hall Charges & Payment

Incoming UG exchange students admitting to HKUST in 2020/21 need not pay for the hall charges directly to the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. Hall charges are to be included in the fees collected by the Office of Global Learning (OGL).
Exchange students are still responsible for their own air-conditioning and laundry charges as well as their own cost of living including meals.

Check-In Date & Procedures

The earliest check-on time for exchange-in students with offered residences in 2020/21 is 10am, 27 August 2020 (for those admitted in Fall 2020) / 10am, 28 January 2021 (for those admitted in Spring 2021).
Upon arrival at HKUST, head directly to your assigned hall for check-in. The hall offices are open 24 hours for check-in. (check-in arrangements are available here
If you do not have the HKUST Student ID card for check-in upon arrival, you are allowed to provide other personal identification documents (e.g. passport) for check-in at their assigned hall.
Arrivals information is available at OGL website. It is important to arrange your travel plans accordingly and arrive on the assigned date. Early arrivals will not be permitted to check in and you will have to arrange your own accommodation.
Note: In general, the earliest check-in time is 2pm. However, in view of the tight orientation schedules, exchange students admitting to HKUST in 2020/21 with offered hall residence are given special discretion which they are allowed to have an early check-in at 10am.

Off-campus Accommodation Options

If students are interested in living outside of HKUST campus, they may approach the Off-Campus Housing Section of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office at offcamphouse@ust.hk for assistance.
Information on off-campus accommodation is also available online.