Hall Rules for PG Halls


1 Accommodation in the University Apartments is provided to assigned residents for the specific purpose of personal residence. Use of the premises for any other purpose (e.g. giving to another person to reside in, storage and etc.) is prohibited.

Change of Rooms

2 Change of rooms is not allowed except with permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. Residents found changing rooms privately will be penalized as appropriate.


3 Proof of identity of any person present in the University Apartments may be requested by the members of the Hall Management or any person appointed by the Hall Management. Those who fail to present proof of residence will be asked to leave the Hall or will result in penalties.


4 A resident shall be responsible for the room key assigned for his/her use. A room key is not to be duplicated, loaned or furnished to anyone else.


5 Cooking is only allowed in the kitchenette.


6 The University is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is not allowed in the entire University campus, including any part of the University Apartments.

Safety and Fire Hazards

7.1 Possession of any items or chemicals (e.g. weapons, explosives, highly combustible materials, etc.) that are potentially dangerous or damaging is prohibited.
  7.2 Open flames, including candles and incense, are prohibited in any part of the University Apartments, except in the kitchenette.
  7.3 Interference of fire service devices is prohibited.


8 It is the responsibility of the resident to keep his/her room clean and tidy and the joint responsibility of all residents in the same apartment to keep the apartment in a clean and tidy condition.

Furniture, Fittings and Fixtures

9.1 A resident shall not interfere with existing fixtures and fittings or install new utilities or fittings, without the permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. 
  9.2 A resident shall not affix any glue, scotch-tape, gum-paper, nails, spikes, tacks or any other thing on or drive the same into any wall or floor or any fixture, fittings or furniture in any part of the premises of the University Apartments without the permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office.
  9.3 Furniture and equipment of the University Apartments must not be moved away from the University Apartments or moved from one apartment/room to another except with the permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office.
  9.4 A fixed penalty of HK$500 will be levied on residents who damaged and/or tampered with any fixture, fittings or furniture. In addition, residents involved will be responsible to bear the cost of making good of the damaged and/or tampered with item(s).

Decorations and Display Materials

10.1 Decorations and display materials are allowed to be put onto designated notice boards or places as permitted by the Student Housing and Residential Life Office.
  10.2 Decoration and display materials on bedroom doors and other areas inside the University Apartments Tower are normally allowed, provided that they do not deface surfaces, impose safety risk or cause disturbance to any other residents. Prior approval from the Student Housing and Residential Life Office will be required.
  10.3 Decorations or display materials which deface surfaces or cause obstructions are prohibited.

Hallways and Public Areas

11.1 According to the Fire Safety Regulations of Hong Kong, hallways, walkways, stairs and other public areas (e.g. common rooms, lobbies, etc.) are to be kept clear of equipment, furniture, trash and any other obstacles that might obstruct passage. Items found in these areas will be confiscated and discarded without prior notice.
  11.2 Common rooms are for the use of all residents. Any activity that obstructs others to use the common room is strictly prohibited.

Dress Code

12 A resident shall be properly attired; T-shirt, shorts and sandals are the minimum requirements in any common areas of the University Apartments.


13.1 Washing of clothes should only be performed in the laundry room.
  13.2 Residents should make use of the dryers in the laundry room to dry their clothes as far as possible; if hang-dry is required, it can only be performed inside the apartment.
  13.3 Laundry found hanging from the window hinges, curtain rails, sprinkles, false ceiling, outside the windows of the departments or from air conditioner plinths will be confiscated and discarded without prior notice.


14 A resident shall not bring into the University Apartments or permit to be brought into his/her room any dangerous drugs as defined in Section 2 of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (Cap. 134).


15 Consumption or storage of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the University Apartments.


16 A resident shall not engage in any gambling whatsoever in the University Apartments or permit such gambling to take place in his/her apartment/room.


17 A resident shall not bring or maintain pets, animals, birds or fish of any kind in the University Apartments.


18.1 A resident may invite visitors to the University Apartments during the visitor hours, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
  18.2 All visitors entering or leaving the University Apartments must register at the Service Counter/ Management Office with the presence of their host residents (i.e. Hall Resident / Vacation Resident).
  18.3 All visitors must be accompanied by their hosts during their stay in the University Apartments. Visitors who are not accompanied by a host will be asked to leave the University Apartments.
  18.4 The host resident will be responsible for any misconduct taken by his/her visitor(s) during their stay in the University Apartments, including disciplinary actions or fine, as considered appropriate by the Residence Master.

Personal Belongings

19 Personal belongings should be placed in student bedrooms. A resident shall not place large personal items in communal areas inside the apartment.

Commercial Activities

20 Commercial activities and promotion are prohibited in the University Apartments.

Disruptive Actions and Behaviors

21.1 Actions or behavior that disturb other residents or the orderly operation of the University Apartments; or that threatens the health and safety of self or other residents; or that unreasonably interfere with other residents’ normal use of facilities; or that cause nuisance (e.g. getting drunk and defiling public facilities, entering the bedrooms of other residents without their consent, failing to settle proper taxi fare, etc.) to campus users are prohibited.
  21.2 A fixed penalty of HK$500 plus other incurred charges, if any (e.g. taxi fare, etc.) will be levied on residents who were found breaching Clause 21.1.

Interpretation of Rules

22 The Residence Master shall have the authority to interpret these Rules.

Breach of Rules

23 If anyone fails to observe the Hall Rules, the Residence Master may impose penalties, including suspension or termination of hall residency and/or other disciplinary actions, on the resident or host resident of the visitor.