1. How can I apply for a hall place for the Residential Year 2021-22?

All HKUST full-time registered students are eligible for student housing. Hall applications should be submitted through the online hall application system ( within the application period. An email will be sent to continuing UG students and invite them to submit an online application during the specified application period. Late applications will NOT be considered.


2. I notice that UG Hall IX will be set aside for contingency use in Residential Year 2021-22. What will happen to my hall preferences in my application if more halls are closed?

Successful applicants (within the same batch of hall offer) will be considered in the order of their hall preferences subject to hall and room availability. Due to the unstable pandemic situation, a certain number of halls may become unavailable after applicants have already indicated their preferences. In this case, applicants’ hall preferences will automatically be moved upward without further notice and no additional or change of hall preferences will be accommodated. For example: 


Original Hall Preferences

IF Hall A and Hall D are closed down,

Hall Preferences will then be shifted upward


Hall A > Hall B > Hall C

Hall B > Hall C > “-”


Hall B > Hall D > Hall E

Hall B > Hall E > “-”


Hall D > Hall F > Hall A

Hall F > “-” > “-”


3. What do I expect to receive after I submit my hall application?

An email acknowledgment will be sent to you upon successful submission of an application. Please remember to check your email including your spam or junk mail folder. In case you do not receive the email acknowledgment, please contact us at immediately or before the application deadline. Otherwise, your application has not been successfully submitted and SHRLO would not process it.


4. Should I apply for student housing if I plan to go on exchange or apply for study leave?

The answer is YES as we DO NOT accept application anytime after the application period. If both of your hall application and exchange/study leave are successful, you must immediately inform SHRLO ( about the change of your registration status. We will then adjust your hall offer and respective hall charges.

If you are already a hall resident and plan to take leave of study in Spring Term, you will need to contact SHRLO before the end of Fall Term so that we can cancel your hall offer for Spring Term. If you fail to inform us in time, you will be charged for the hall fee for Spring Term and you have to vacate from the hall since you are not eligible for student housing. 

5. If I relocate to a new area and become a student having ‘NO HOME BASE’ (NHB) in Hong Kong, would I be eligible for student accommodation automatically without the need to apply?

The answer is NO. To be eligible for NHB, students will need to apply for hall within the application period and submit the required documentary proof to SHRLO upon request. Only when the application is approved will successful applicants be confirmed as NHB.


6. What happen if I forget to submit the online application within the application period? 

You have missed the application period! The online application system is closed automatically when the application period is over. Applications submitted after the application deadline will NOT be considered.


7. How is my one-way traveling time from home to HKUST determined?

The one-way traveling time (TT) is determined by the HKeMobility ( according to the following parameters:

•    The English version of the HKeMobility shall be used;
•    Use the default tab “Ride” to search for public transportation;
•    The home address (with block number or name of block, if applicable) as From;
•    "The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology" as To;
•    Under the Search Settings downward arrow, select “Longer” in Walking Distance, “Normal” in Walking Route, “Adult” in Fare, and Departure Time is set at Tue, 30 Mar 2021 10:00 AM;
•    The shortest traveling time shown in search result will be used.


8. If I check in after the official check-in date, can I pay the hall fee proportionally? What if I check out earlier than the official check-out date, can I get a refund? 

Hall fee is charged on Term basis and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. You will still need to settle the hall charges IN FULL even you check in late or check out early. 


9. I cannot check in within 7 days from the official check-in date, what should I do?

You should email the Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRLO) at IMMEDIATELY to provide your reason about late check-in. If we do not hear from you about late check-in, your hall offer will be cancelled AND you are still accountable for all hall fee incurred.

ALL residents should complete the check-in procedures at their assigned student hall on or before 30 September 2021. If you fail to check in by 30 September 2021 without providing any valid reason for your very-late arrival, you will NOT be allowed to check-in to your room and your hall offer will become null and void. 


10. Where can I find more information about the housing arrangement under COVID-19, including quarantine services?

FAQ on housing arrangement under COVID-19 can be found on this link: Alternatively, you can find more update from the University on COVID-19 Info @HKUST ( 

Please be reminded that student halls are NOT used for self-quarantine purpose. If residents are required to undergo compulsory quarantine, please refer to the links above before arriving at the campus.