Eligibility for Student Accommodation

All full-time registered UG students of the University (except students in the categories listed below) are eligible for consideration for limited University housing.

Students in the following categories are NOT eligible for student housing:

  • Termination of Study
  • Program Completion
  • Leave of Study
  • Exchange-Out
  • Extension of Length of Study

[with reference to AR3.4 of the Academic Regulations; refer to http://acadreg.ust.hk/ugreg for details]

Once a student's registration status falls into one of the above mentioned categories or a student is no longer a full-time registered UG of the University, any associated University housing offer will be canceled or adjusted accordingly. Those who are already residents of a student hall will be required to vacate University housing by a specified date.


UG Hall Admission Methods

All applicants will be considered and assessed in the following order:

1. Priority Housing

  • Non-local students in their first two years of study (2 years)
    Non-local students are those holding student visas/entry permits valid for study at HKUST; they are provided with student accommodation in their first two years of study at HKUST upon submission of an application for University housing.


  • Yr-1 local students (one semester minimum)
    Yr-1 local students are provided with at least one semester of University housing either in the Fall or Spring Term of their first year of study at HKUST; a certain number of quota shall be reserved for applicants with the highest one-way traveling time (TT) who will be considered for a full-year University housing offer.


  • Yr-1 and Yr-2 local students with no home base in Hong Kong (2 years)
    Legitimate documentary evidence is required of local students who claim to have no home base in Hong Kong. (Please refer to the documentary evidence indicated in FAQ.)


  • Yr-1 and Yr-2 local students with a one-way traveling time (TT) > 120 mins.
    Two years of University housing in the first two years of study, and they may apply for priority consideration by the discretionary committee of Residence Masters in their Yr-3 and Yr-4. The method for determining the one-way traveling time (TT) of each applicant is detailed in the relevant section below.


  • Incoming exchange students


  • University Housing Quota Allocation for Groups
    Details concerning the quota allocation for groups receiving University housing are detailed in the relevant section below.


  • By Decision of the Residence Masters’ Discretionary Committee
    A committee of the University’s Residence Masters will, by discretion, consider special applications for University housing. Students demonstrating exceptional health, access, financial, or personal difficulties will be considered for University housing. (e.g., local student with a one-way traveling time greater than 120 minutes to the HKUST campus may apply for priority consideration in their third and fourth years of study.)


2. University Housing Lottery

Eligible students, not already provided with University housing by other means, will receive the following weightings in the University housing lottery, according to their home address, one-way traveling time (TT), or the legitimately documented fact of having no family home base in HK:

Category Year Admitted Weighting

Students with a 121mins. ≤ TT or with no home base in Hong Kong

(including all Yr-3 and Yr-4 non-local students) 

2016/17 or before 18*
2017/18 10*
2018/19 or after 4
91mins. ≤ TT ≤ 120mins. All Cohorts 3
61mins. ≤ TT ≤ 90mins. 2
TT ≤ 60mins. 1

* As a transitional measure, students with a one-way traveling time to campus greater than 120 minutes or no home base in Hong Kong (including all Yr3 and Yr4 non-local students) are provided with enhanced weightings, depending on the year in which they were admitted to the University.


3. Waiting List

Applicants who do not receive a housing offer in the admission streams above will be placed on the waiting list. When bed spaces become available, students on the waiting list will be contacted with an offer of University housing according to their ranking on the waiting list. Applicants not receiving any housing offer but who can demonstrate exceptional need or hardship may contact the Student Housing and Residential Life Office: ughousing@ust.hk.


Determination of Traveling Time

The one-way traveling time (TT) is determined by the HKeMobility according to the following parameters:

  • The English version of the HKeMobility shall be used;
  • Use the default tab “Ride” to search for public transportation;
  • The home address (with block number or name of block, if applicable) as From;
  • "The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology" as To;
  • Under the Search Settings downward arrow, select “Longer” in Walking Distance, “Normal” in Walking Route, “Adult” in Fare, and Departure Time is set at Mon, 4 April 2022 08:00 (HKT);
  • The shortest traveling time shown in search result will be used;

NB: The one-way traveling time (TT) determined by HKeMobility is not necessarily the actual traveling time that a student spends on any given day, nor does it necessarily reflect the actual transport modes that s/he utilizes. However, it provides a common base and an officially verifiable reference point for the University’s housing allocation which is considered standardized. Therefore, this is the only reference point that will be honored by the University.


University Housing Quota Allocation for Groups

Eligible students should first apply to the University housing lottery and, if unsuccessful, subsequently may be considered for housing through the allocation for groups.

Below are the list of eligible groups and the respective quotas for University housing:

Group Quota
The Executive Committee, HKUSTSU 8
The Editorial Board, HKUSTSU 8
The Coucil, HKUSTSU  12
The Court, HKUSTSU 8
HKUSTSU-Affiliated House Associations 11 each
HKUSTSU-Affiliated School Societies 5 each
HKUSTSU-Affiliated Departmental Societies 5 each
HKUSTSU-Affiliated Art & Cultural Clubs 3 each
HKUSTSU-Affiliated Independent Clubs 3 each
HKUSTSU-Affiliated Sports Associations &
University Sports Teams
200 in total, shared^
International Students' Association 5
Mainland Students and Scholars Society &
Mainland Students and Scholars Society (UG Section)
5, shared
School of Business and Management,
School of Engineering,
School of Humanities and Social Science,
School of Science, &
Interdisciplinary Programs Office
40 in total, shared^

^ quota distribution for sports associations & teams to be discussed with HKUSTSU & Dean of Students' Office; quota distribution for Schools/IPO to be discussed with Schools/IPO



a. Nomination list to be submitted by the representative of the group and endorsed by The Council, HKUSTSU, the Dean of Students' Office and/or respective School of study. Eligible groups would be informed of the schedule and arrangements for submission of nomination list in separate cover.

b. Approved groups are supported with a limited number of hall spaces for their, e.g., executive committee or team members, provided that they are held accountable and submit evidence (e.g. activities held and attendance record) on how they contribute to the enrichment of the campus life of the student body. The university has the final discretion on the hall place provision.

c. Eligible groups have the right to update the submitted list once for Spring Term residence. For those who were removed from the nomination list after update, they are required to check-out from the allocated bed space by end of Fall Term residence and will NOT be further considered for student housing for rest of the Residential Year. Eligible groups will be informed of the schedule for updating of nomination list in separate cover.

d. Any unused quotas by the time of submission of nomination list shall be released for other uses; requests for using the unused quota by the time of updating the nomination list for Spring residence will only be considered on case by case basis, subject to availability.

e. For disciplinary cases, the Student Housing and Residential Life Office, Residence Masters and/or the Dean of Students have the right to suspend group(s) involved in using priority housing quotas at any time before, during and after the residential year.

f. Quota for groups are to be reviewed annually.

g. Students who are on academic probation are not recommended to be nominated for hall residence through this stream.


Allocation of Hall Places

UG Halls I to IX in HKUST Campus and Jockey Club Hall in Tseung Kwan O are available for UGs.

Applicants may indicate a maximum of three hall preferences in the housing application.

All successful applicants (within the same batch of housing offers) will be considered together by the order of their three hall preferences. A system generating random numbers is applied to each hall preference indicated by the applicant, in case demand for a particular hall is greater than supply - in which case, allocation to the hall is determined randomly.

In case applicants are not assigned to any of their preferred hall(s) due to high demand and limited supply, they will be assigned to another hall on a random basis.